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Friday, 19 May 2017

Randy Wayne: A Nigerian Record Label Owner Becomes The First In Africa & 4th In The World To Use A $15M Diamond Grill On His Teeth

Randy Wayne, A Nigeria Record Label CEO Becomes First To $15M The 4th In The World

Though Nigeria is currently under High recession and guys are hustling here and there to make cool cash while some are spending extravagantly.

In a situation whereby someone can used N4.7 billion to fantasize his teeth, don't you think that money is bastard? Yea, it is.

No one in Africa and apart from the likes of Rapper Lil Wayne, Birdman, Lil Jon, nobody in the world has ever use a $15 million (USD) Diamond Grill on Their teeth but, A Nigerian Music Record Label Boss, Randy Wayne breaks the history and now the first to wear $15 million Diamond Grill on his teeth in Africa and 4th in the world.

Though, Randy Wayne source of income is yet to be fully revealed to the media but all we know for now is that he is the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of 'We The Business Records' where he is currently anticipating to sign new and talented artistes.

The rich Randy Wayne has just completed his Whooping and attractive Multi million mansion in Nigeria.

See more eye-catching pics below >>>

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