President Donald Trump Visits Saudi Arabia For Arms Deal & Peace Talks

Donald Trump Visits Saudi Arabian For Arms Deal and Peace Talk

Since President Donald Trump became the President of United states, he has never take a board outside his country’s shield to another country but yesterday, Saturday 20th of May, 2017., the president break the bondage and chose to visit a Muslim Country, Saudi Arabia for Arms Deal and Peace talks.

US President, Donald Trump alongside with his wife, Melania Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia yesterday and they was warmly welcomed at the Royal Terminal by King Salman.

This is the first visitation in record of President Donald Trump to other countries abroad since he became the legal president of the United states in January 2017.

President Donald Trump is expected, in his two-day visitation to Saudi Arabia, to announce a Arms deal worth $100 million with Saudi Arabia as the evidence of a new cooperation and commitment by the United States to the security of the gulf region.

He will also deliver a speech to proclaim to the Muslim world to have mutual union and agreement against extremism and terror which may leads to religion violence.


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