Olamide: I Hate Looking Down on Upcoming Artists, Am Ready To Help BBN Winner, Efe

Olamide: I Will Partner With EFE Whenever He Is Ready, He Is Talented & Passionate About His Career

The Five Stars General, YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji, (AKA Badoo) has publicly said he had never look down on upcoming artists and he said he will not because he hate looking down on them. He said Most people looks down on anticipating and talented upcoming artists who are ready to contribute their quota and talent to the entertainment industry and trying to make a change.

He said he don’t look down on people and don’t know why some people does.
While he was reacting on his collaboration with the new BBNaija winner, Michael Ejegba popularly known as “Efe”, he said he is ready to partner with him whenever he is ready and promised to welcome him to cheers and care.

Olamide reminded the public that he had promised Efe that he (Olamide) will be part of his (Efe) success story. He said he will collaborate with Efe whenever he has build up his fans.

He said;

    “I mean whenever he is ready, I am. ” The only reason i said that was because a lot of people tends to look down on people who they think oh! this dude or this person is not talented enough or …… but what I see in people is beyond the cover.

    “You know, you don’t judge a book by its cover in most cases. ” I see zeal, I see hunger, I see passion anytime I see Efe. ” I see someone that is really ready to grind and someone who is definitely going to be diligent in his work.

    “It is written that if you are diligent with your work, you will dine with kings. ” The guy might not be all that fantastic or spectacular but I can see it in him and over time he is going to develop himself as he grows in the industry.”

    “So if people can give him time, opportunity and support him, let him know that anything is possible, anybody can achieve anything, anybody can be anything. “All you have to do is just a little encouragement.”


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