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Sunday, 21 May 2017

North Korea Launched Medium Range Ballistic Missile To Threatens U.S President Donald Trump & South Korea

North Korea Launched A Ballistic Missile To Threatens U.S President, Donald Trump

On Sunday's Morning, the North Korea launched a new and powerful Medium Range Of ballistic missile into the Japan Sea to threaten U.S President, Donald Trump who is currently in his first international trip to Saudi Arabia after he became US President.

The ballistic missile is their second missile test in the space after they launched their most powerful missile test a week ago.

According to South Korea Military, The missile after it was launched flew about five hundred Kilometers (500Km) and it's believed to landed in water off south korea's east coast.

After this ballistic missile landed in South Korea east coast, the Newly elect president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in reacted bitterly to the missile launch and immediately held a National Security Council meeting.

It could be recalled that when President Moon Jae-in became South Korea president, he promised to make peace with North Korea but the issue of making peace between the two close countries seems to be a nightmare as this is the Second missile test laugh by North Korea shortly after President Moon Jae-In became South Korea President.

The America Presidential Villa, White house also reacted to the North Korea missile test, they said "the missile launched recently by North Korea has a shorter range than the missile launched in North Korea's most three recently launched ballistic missile test".

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In a statement released by South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, it says that they are fully ready to combat the North Korea:

    "We are full military readiness" and "closely monitoring signs for additional provocation by the North Korea military".

On Sunday, A North Korea state Newspaper, Minju Joson threatened the United states of American with more ballistic missiles on them.

Minju Joson said:

    "If the US persists in confrontation with the DPRK (North Korea), the latter will show how the crime-woven history of the US is put to an end."

Minju Joson continued that the North Korea military are fully ready to manufacture weapons that will strike down the existence of United States:

    Many more weapons capable of striking the US will be launched from this land. This is the DPRK's answer to the Trump administration."

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