Linda Ikeji TV: “Bars” Rap Challenge – Conditions & How To Participate

Linda Ikeji TV: “Bars” Rap Challenge – Conditions & How To Participate

Yayy… This is a new opportunity again for talented people outside there who really love Rapping. Earlier, Their is an ongoing offer in Linda Ikeji TV which is hurting for a ‘Bride-to-be’ who will love to make her wedding a world-known one. The bride-to-be is needed on Linda Ikeji TV show which will be aired across the world very under the canopy of one of Linda Ikeji TV shows dubbed “My Bridal Story”.

Here is a new offer again on Linda Ikeji TV for talented people who love Nigerian Hiphop music. This opportunity is freely made available for you provided you are so sure of yourself that you have the talents of becoming one of the greatest rapper in Nigeria.

If your dream Is to become a great rapper, Linda Ikeji TV has brought a new series called “Bars”. Bars on Linda Ikeji TV is a rap challenge dedicated to prepare and showcase talented lads in Nigeria to the global world.

About Linda Ikeji Tv “Bars” Rap Challenge

The Linda Ikeji TV’s Bars – Rap challenge series is a platform searching for young infamous rapper from ghettos and local hoods to harn their skills in Freestyle music, Raps battle and Song writing.

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How Can I Participate In Linda Ikeji Tv – Bars Rap Challenge?

If you are asking this question, then, that means you are serious about making your greatest dream comes to fulfillment.

•To participate in the Linda Ikeji TV – Bars Rap Challenge, you need to upload an Instagram Video showing your rap skills while using the hashtag #BARS2017.
You shoot the video while rapping in English or any other Nigerian language.

All participants Are only advised to upload a video and it should be noted that all online entries will be shut off on the 28th of this month (a week to go).

What do I Need To Participate In Linda Ikeji Tv – Bars Rap Challenge?

According to the pro-blogger and media entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji, she made mention of showcasing talented young rappers. Apparently, she demanded no money or any charge but she has some outline conditions.

What are the Conditions to participate in Linda Ikeji TV – Bars Rap Challenge?

Below are the conditions you must abide with before joining or craving a great niche for yourself in Linda Ikeji TV – Bars Rap Challenge:-
•Be a Lyricist,
• Be rhythmic,
•Be witty,
•Be spontaneous,
•Be original,
•And most importantly, showcase your swag.

If you are the guy with the hottest lyrics and flow on this rap challenge, then wish yourself a big congratulation. If you still got the nerve to participate, check in with Linda Ikeji Tv staffs now.

Send a Mail to:-
•>> odega@ OR •>> For More Details.

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