In Thailand: A Suspected Pick Up Truck Blasted At Pattani Supermarket, Wounded 60 People And, 21 Were Hospitalized

A Truck Exploded In A Supermarket At Pattani, Thailand And Wonded 60 People

It was really a bad and catastrophic day yesterday, 9th of May, 2017 (on Tuesday) in Pattani, Thailand when a pick up truck exploded at the entrance of a supermarket in the city wounding 60 people.

It was said that since 2004, Six thousand, five hundred (6,500) people has been killed by the separatist insurgency in the largely ethnic Malay Muslim provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat, as bitterly reported to independent monitoring group, Deep South Watch.

Doctor Arun Prasertsuk the deputy director of Pattani Hospital told a local television channel that 60 people were injured by the the truck’s explosion he said none of the 60 people were badly wonded, he said most of the casualties were discharged after receiving treatment but 21 of them are with more serious injuries were which has made the Hospital authority to have them hospitalized. The Pattani hospital also appealed for blood donations of all types for the victims because, excess blood was shed out of the hospitalized victims.

The truck explosion destroyed the front of a Big-C supermarket, scattered debris over a wide area and sending up a column of black smoke while also affecting the health of other people around.

Some People Suspected that the truck blast was not ordinary accident, they believed it is the crafty scenerio created by Muslim insurgents as it was said by the deputy police chief Rewat Srichantub. He also said the bomber was believed to have fled away before the explosion. It was the first car bomb in Pattani since August.

The Defense ministry spokesman Kongcheep Tantrawanit said the government is very exasperated by the alleged bomb attack and
considered it a grave violation of human right which they promised to investigate and penalized.


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