In PortHarcourt: A Man Beat His 7-years-old Boy To Death

In PortHarcourt: A Man named ‘Inimgba’ allegedly beat his 7-years-old boy to Death

some couple of months ago, we have been hearing some felonious cases like sexual battery, woman abuse, health hazard, insurgencies and many other things. But the report here is not part of the aforementioned phenomenon.

In Port Harcourt, a man whose name is known simply as “Inimgba” killed his son yesterday after he allegedly hit his 7-years-old, George Tamunuoibuemie with a hard object.

We don’t know maybe the father could have buried the child secretly but alas, a female neighbor said that the man who killed his son is too harsh, not an attentive father and he always abandon his 7-years-old boy to cater for himself.

The neighbor said that, some days ago, likely on Thursday to be precise, she bought a pencil for the boy for him to use it in the school but it was so sad when she heard that the young has been beaten to death by his father.

In a brief interview with Vanguard Press, she said:

    “Just this week, I saw this little boy at a shop, people gathered around him. He stole a doughnut and everyone was blaming his father, saying he wasn’t giving him food and that, that was why the boy stole. They said the father and the boy’s step mum maltreated him. I saw scar all over his body. The people he stole the doughnuts from even gave him more doughnuts and soft drink. I took the little boy to my house and interviewed him. He was an intelligent boy. He told me the same thing and even asked me to give him a pencil to school which I did.”

She continued:

    “I also bought biscuits for him, took photograph of him before he left. I promised to see his father but couldn’t due to my tight schedule this (last week). This morning, I woke up to hear that his father has killed him. The father beat him to death. The father is at the Amadi police station now while the little boy’s body has been taken to the mogue. I saw the father briefly being held at the station as he was claiming that he only beat him small.”

Sri George who shared the catastrophic incident on his instagram page said the father and the boy’s stepmother has now been arrested by the police.


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