In Ondo State: Two Teachers Were Arrested For Collecting Pupils’ Fingernails & Blood Samples For Rituals

Two Teachers Arrested In Ondo State For Collecting Pupils Fingernails & Blood Samples For Rituals

In Ondo State, two teachers were arrested by the Ondo state police command for allegedly collecting two of their pupils’ fingernails and blood samples in a very suspicious way.

The teachers were reported to be identified as Sola Kalejaiye and Blessing Omowera. According to reports, it states that both teachers collected the pupils’ fingernails and blood samples for ritual purpose.

The police command said in a statement that Blessing Omowera is q teacher at Heritage Nursery & Primary school in Ondo town had allegedly called two of her pupils which were both 3-years-old, and cut their fingernails and in the process of cutting the pupils’ fingernails, he intentionally cut their fingers and use a pieces of cloth to collect their blood samples.

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When one of the pupils got home, he told his father, Ambrose Akinnodi what has happened in the school and how their class teacher collected their fingernails and blood samples. Then, Mr. Ambrose quickly veered to the police station to lodge complain about the incident in,his child’s school.

After long pressure on the Primary school teacher, Blessing Omowere who collected her pupils’ fingernail and blood samples, she finally confessed that she was asked by one Mr. Kalejaiye who is a secondary school teacher to collect the pupils’ fingernails and blood samples for him to fo ritual.

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Blessing Omowere who collected the pupils’ blood samples and fingernails has been charged to court of law while Mr. Kalejaiye who sent her has been arrested and kept in police’s custody and he will also be charge to court very soon.

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