In Maiyama, Kebbi State: 800 Houses And Alot of Properties Were Destroyed By Rainstorm

At least, 800 houses are destroyed and 40 people were injured while 8 of them were hospitalized

It was so sad and catastrophic in Maiyama Local Government area of Kebbi State where heavy rainstorm renders massive citizens homeless. The heavy rainstorm destroyed 800 houses while rendering 40 people injuries. Among these 40 citizens whom, some of them are suffering from bone fracture, bruises, bloodshed and other forms of injuries, 8 were hospitalized due to more severe injuries they freely got from the heavy rainstorm.

This heavy rainstorm did not only destroyed houses and rendered injuries to some people, it also destroyed electricity pole, kiosks, uprooted trees as it was followed by heavy thunder.

Those people who were rendered homeless have nothing to do than to seek refuge in any close neighbourhood in the same community. Their properties is another thing they lost in the process of the rainstorm.

The head of NEMA team in the state described the sudden and disastrous event as a bad omen. He said the heavy rainstorm had destabilized and destroyed 800 buildings including schools, health care centers, shops and other structural buildings.

He also said the means of live hood which the people in the community use to cater for their needs were all also destroyed. Social amenities provided for the communities were not left behind.

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