In Kenya:Angry Pupils Blocked Road For Vehicles After Their School Has Been Demolished By Unknown People

In Kenya: The Pupils of Kenyatta Golf Course Academy Blocked Mbagathi Road With Desks After Their School Has Been Demolished By Unknown People.

It was so crazy today in Kenya as the pupils of Kenyatta Golf Course Academy blocked the main road along their school making it difficult for free flow of traffic along Mbagathi Road after their school has been demolished.

The details about the scenario and why the school was demolished is not yet revealed to the media. The school is said to be demolished by unknown persons over the weekend shortly after a conflict on a land.
The pupils of the school placed their desks and chairs across and sat on them blocking all coming vehicles on the road to halt early on Monday’s morning where everybody is looking for way out in their business or work.

The pupils was all chorusing a protesting speech saying that they need to study in their school and they must bring back their school:

    “We want our school, we want our school, we need to study in school.”

A pupils said he like studying, that is the reason he came to learn and study in school, he said that they have removed his school and all the pupils are ready to learn:

    I like my class and I like studying. They have now removed our class and there is no way we can study. All the students want to study.”


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