In Cameroon: A Man Kill & Butchered His Mother With Cutlass

In Cameroon, A Man Use Cutlass To Kill His Mother And Butchered Her Body

In Kimba, Cameroon, an alleged man butchered into pieces his mother at their home on Tuesday. The mother who appeared to have been reading a bible when the brutal attack occurred as can be seen from the position of the bible sitting beside her.

Immediately after the man butchered her mother, angry mobs and some concerned people in the community quickly ran to the venue and seized the man but they think the alleged suspect who just butchered her mother into pieces is not mentality healthy as they noticed when interrogating him the reason he committed such disastrous act, he didn’t utter a single word in denial or acceptance of the charge for hacking her mother. All he just did was that, he sat down barely on the ground staring at the people.

In another video taken inside the house with the victim’s blooded corpse in view, different voices can be heard in the background screaming “Jesus”. No uniformed men were seen in the video and it seemed the mob were prepared to take laws into their hands by giving the blood back to the blood.



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