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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Forbes: Jay Z & Beyoncé Rank World Wealthiest Couple

Jay Z and Beyoncé Make The Forbes Richest Couple

An International Rapper, Jay Z alongside with his babymama, Beyoncé has both reach the Forbes Richest couple in the world.
The duo when their income were combined together has cross the billion dollar mark.

Forbes reported that the couple who is currently expecting a set of twins this summer which will later join their daughter, Blue Ivy, a 5-years-old won't have any problem buying baby items.
Beyoncé income and worth is $350 million dollars and Jay Z net worth is a little smaller to that of P. Diddy by $10 million dollars which he reached $810 million dollars. When the couple income is combined together, ($350 + $810) million dollars, it resulted to whooping $1.16 billions of dollars.

Forbes wrote:

    Beyoncé and husband Jay Z are set to welcome twins this summer, joining their daughter Blue Ivy, 5. Buying new baby equipment shouldn't be much of a problem: Beyoncé and Jay Z are now officially a billion-dollar couple. Per Forbes' list of America's Wealthiest Self-Made Women--released today--Beyoncé, 35, has amassed a personal fortune of $350 million. The total for Jay Z, 47, has soared to $810 million per last week's ranking of hip-hop's richest acts (he trails No. 1 Diddy by just $10 million). That brings the couple to a combined net worth of $1.16 billion and counting.


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