A Columbian Woman Swallowed $7,000 Out of Desperation

Columbian Woman Swallowed $7000 In An Attempt To Hide The Money

After having a bitter and thorough fight with her hubby, this woman think nothing else than how to hide the sum of $7000 from her husband than than to take it into her mouth and guff it into her stomach.

When this 30-years-old woman was interviewed by RCN on the issue of swallowing the paper currency, she said she had been saving the money quite a long time and she wouldn’t give the free chance for her furious husband to spend the money without giving her a dime.

No one will swallow such paper currency and scot free, but thanks to the efforts of the help of surgery performed on her, the doctors remove the $7k from the woman stomach without any longing problem.

Juan Paulo Serrano, who is the director of surgery at the hospital the woman was operated said with the best efforts of the surgeons, they were able to remove fifty-seven pieces of $100 making the total of $5700 while the remaining $1,300 were not able to be extracted surgically.

The director of the hospital surgery said the remaining money will definitely pass out through the colon. He also said the money was not rolled or wrapped together before the woman swallowed it which simply vindicated that the money was transported illegally and the woman might have swallowed the money “Out of Desperation”.


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