36 People Were Burnt To Ashes In An Accident Along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Catastrophic: 36 People Were Cremated Alive In An Accident At Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Only A Baby Survived.

Yesterday, 6th of April was really a bad day to some families as 36 human being was cremated beyond recognition when two 18-seater,passenger buses veered and collided with each other along Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

To our greatest surprise which makes us to give glory unto the lord is that after the 36 passengers were burnt without recognition, only a baby survived the catastrophic incident!

How did the baby survived getting burnt? This is also the question I asked myself when I saw this news but, from a reliable source, the answer was given: The father of the baby threw the baby out of the window when the bus was about to be engulfed by fire.

May the man rest in peace, he is an hero, he saved his child, he saved his generation. Though he can’t be recognised but he worth more honour for this.

May God pacify all those affected by this impromptu incident.


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