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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Kenya General Elections: "Insult The Government, Publish False Political Content on Social Media Platforms And Enjoy 5 Years Jail Term" - Kenyan Government Warns Bloggers And Citizens

Kenya General Election: Insult Government On Social Media And Enjoy 5 Years Imprisonment - Kenyan Government

Kenyan citizens including non-citizens has been warned by the government as the general election is drawing near, to avoid sharing and making up of false and defaming contents on social media platforms should be inflicted with a fine of Sh1 million or a five years jail term is the victim is caught by the police or any law enforcement agencies.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding The Ability To Control World's Affair

According to a statement shared by the Communication Authority and the National Cohesion & Integration Commission, the two agencies promised to support the motions to punish Kenya citizen who is found to be faulted with this rule or creating violence on the internet by sharing fake or propaganda news about politics.

Tanzanian President, John Magafuli Ban Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School
    “Every social media articles shall be punished using a modern language that avoids a sound and words that contribute to hate speech, ethnic contempt, and causations to violence,” “All comments shall be polite, truthful and respectful.” - Says the Regulation.

The commission added that those people caught with publication of fake news will be liable to face harsh action with respect to NCI Act, which explained that those who are caught in this act will have to face 5 years jail term or a fine payment of Sh1 million. The commission shall leave the defaulters to be punished according to the law.

Bloggers and social media users who were fond of publishing political sponsored post and content respectively will be forced by the law to reveal their real identities and how they are associated with political party or a politician who acts as their "godfathers".

The regulations added that those bloggers or social media addicts who were found of publishing content on social media handles will have to "authenticate, validate the source and truthfulness of their content".

The regulations finally concluded that the current Kenyan government will not take the spreading of misleading rumours granted and will be punished with a 5 years jail term or a fine of Sh1 million.

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Top 25 Most Influential People On The Internet Across The World - TIME

List of 25 Most Influential People On The Internet Across The World - TIME Magazine

You may have been asking that "who are the most influential people on the internet Across The World?" That's a good question as we all know that during our generation, internet has really taken over in our everyday live.

Thanks to TIME Magazine that cleared and answered the question the right way. The Magazine has just released the list of 25 most influential people on the internet where Chrissy Teigen top the list and, USA President, Donald Trump can be found on the list with other celebrities.

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    World Survey Poll Shows That Russian President, Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding The Ability To Control The World
    Katy Perry Becomes The Most Followed Human on Twitter
    Top 100 Most Paid Celebrities In The World - Forbes
    Top 5 Most Valuable & Richest Football Club In The World - Forbes

The permalinks above shows the recent released of the world's famous, influential and richest person in the world including a football team. Here, we are going to have our quick survey on the "25 Most Influential People on The Internet".
Read below:-

25 Most Influential People On The Internet Across The World

-1• Chrissy Teigen
-2• Matt Drudge
-3• J.K Rowling
-4• Cater Wilkerson
-5• Yao Chen
-6• Brian Reed
-7• BTS
-8• Alexei Navalny
-8• Donald Trump
-9• Matt Furie
-10• Steven Puritt
-11• Bana Alabed
-13• Gigi Gorgeous
-14• Jonathan Sun
-15• Katy Perry
-16• Kim Kardashian
-17• Joanne the scammer
-18• Founders of the Indivisible Guide
-19• Rihanna
-20• Chance the Rapper
-21• Ariel Martin
-22• Cassey Ho
-23• Huda Kattan
-24• Mark Fischbach
-25• Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin

That's all... Do you have any view or comment pertaining to this list? Please let share ideas through the comment box below.

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Russian President, Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding Ability To Control World's Affairs - Survey Polls

Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding World Affairs

Recently, a survey was polled in thirty-seven, 37 countries in the world where more people around the world believes in The Russian President, Vladimir Putin than American President, Donald Trump on the issues of making things right and controlling the world.

After the survey, 27 percent of the people who partook says they have more confidence in Russian President, Vladimir Putin while 22 percent says they have more confidence in American President, Donald Trump. The two outcomes here is very far to the task when compared with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel whom 42 percent of the people says they have confidence.

The survey was polled to shows how majority of the people didn't trust Donald Trump and he is okay only when he was at his first five months on the American presidential seat.

Out of 100 percent, more than 70 percent goes against Donald Trump's decision to vacate the major international trade deals and his public announcement that the United states of America would pull out of Paris climate record.

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An American, Marco Ramirez Remanded In Kirikiri Prison For Duping Three Nigerians' Company Directors Out of $565,000

An American Citizen, Marco Ramirez Was Remanded At Kirikiri Prison For Duping Three Nigerians In A $565,000 Green Card & Investment Scam

Marco Ramirez who is an American citizen was arrested and remanded at the Kirikiri Prison after court order from Ikeja High Court for Scamming the total sum of $565,000 from three Nigeria citizens in a felonious plight to get them Green card and also to invest in one of the victim's business.

The defaulter, Marco Ramirez who was remanded in Ikeja High Court by Justice Josephine Oyefeso after the EFCC arrested him, pleaded not guilty to any of the 16-count charge filed against him for collecting money from three Nigerians under false pretenses.

According to Prosecutor O. Aigboje who is an EFCC official said, Marco Ramirez allegedly duped three managing directors of three different companies namely: Eagleford Instalodge Group, USA Now Capital Group and Eagleford Instalodge between February and August 2013.

According to the EFCC Prosecutor, Ramirez had obtained the sum of $545,000 from Godson Echejue in pretense of investing in his company at Eaglefold Instalodge Group with the wholesome plight of procuring an American Green Card for him.

Marco Ramirez also fraudulently obtained the sum of $10,000 from Abubakar Umar in order to make him eligible to live conveniently in America through a non-existence investment programme in the US.

Marco Ramirez was also accused by EFCC for receiving the sum of $10,000 illegally from Olukayode Sodimu under the felonious pretense that the money collected from him will be used to fund the facilitation fees with the AIS (America Immigration Services) for a green card.

The EFCC prosecutor, O. Aigboje urged the High Court to remand Ramirez In Prison till the time when he will be face his trial but Marco Ramirez's councel, Chukwudi Maduka also urged the court not to put his client into prison as he was on EFCC Administrative bail.

But finally, the EFCC prosecutor said the EFCC Administrative bail on Marco Ramirez was overstretched and insisted that he should be sent to prison but in the judge, Justice Oyefeso's ruling, she ordered that the defendant, Marco Ramirez should be remanded in Prison until July 3 for bail application hearing.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Landslide In Sichuan Province, China Left Over 120 People Missing And 40 Houses Buried

In China, 120 People Are Missing And More 40 Houses Were Buried After Landslide In Sichuan Province

It was indeed sad and catastrophic as more than 120 citizens were found missing while just 5 were found and more than 40 houses were totally buried during a gruesome landslide in Southwest China's Sichuan Province as it was confirmed by Chinese State-run Broadcaster China Central Television, CCTV.

READ: From Libya, 179 Nigeria Citizens Voluntarily Deported Themselves To Nigeria.

The gruesome landslide was reported according to CCTV to have occurred at Six O'clock local time in Xinmo village in Mao country. With immediate effect, over 780 rescue workers and emergency response was activated within a glimpse and converged together at the scene.

READ ALSO: Tanzania's President, John Magafuli Imposed Ban On Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School.

During the catastrophic incident, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping ordered an official at the country ministry of Land and Resources to detect the cause of such impromptu landslide. According to report from CCTV, the official said the heavy landslide were complicated and could include rain and unstable rock masses.

ALL READ: In Ibadan Nigeria, Alot of People Including Over 300 Houses Were Destroyed By Flooding.
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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Tanzania's President, John Magafuli Ban The Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School

Tanzania's President, John Magufuli Ban Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School

President John Magufuli of Tanzania has recently placed "Ban" on any teenage mothers in the country from going back to school. The president made the shocking announcement while he was addressing the residents of Bagamoyo District during his scheduled 3-days Coast Regions tour on Thursday.

President Magufuli said in earnest accusation that those Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) that is pestering the government to allow the teenage mothers to go back to school are Foreign Agents.

The president continued that the girls who are impregnated untimely can join the Vocational Education Training Authority, VETA centres where they will learn how to do vocational jobs like sewing, hairdressing, typing and other jobs but, they are not allowed again to go back to school.

According to Magafuli, if the teenage mothers were given another chance to go back to school, they will become a bad example to other small girls, encouraging them to engage in casual sex just like what they have done:

    “If the government allow such girls back to school then, one very day we will see all the girls who are in Standard One getting pregnant and having babies."

For some time ago, some Non-governmental Organizations have been pressurising the Tanzanian president on the issue of allowing teen mothers back to school but the president refused to heed to them.

The NGOs want the president to signed into the law that teenage mothers should be allowed to go back to school but, the president viewed their pressure as a disturbing one which can never be a millisecond granted. He believed that all the NGOs pressuring him are foreign agents who won't be affected by the rough outcome of allowing teenage mother back to school.

People reaction to this Tanzania's president ban resisting the teenage mothers from going back to school just to avoid the often occurrence of teenage sex and pregnancy in the country is a dream that will never comes true. They believed that teenage sex and pregnancy is part of African culture which is indelible.

Well, let us watch how far the development will go in the country and to be frank and honest, if teenage sex and pregnancy were reduced in the process, don't you think that President Magafuli will leave a legacy behind?

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

South Africa Finally Give Nigerians Quit Notice To Leave Their Land - #Xenophobia

Xenophobia - South Africa Gives Nigerians Quit Notice

The President of Nigerian Union in South Africa, Ikechukwu Anyene has made it known that the South Africans has ordered that the Nigeria citizens living in the two south Africa communities to leave their land with immediate effect.

The President of Nigerian union in South Africa, Ayene Ikechukwu said the Kuruman community in Northern Cape Province has gave Nigeria citizens five days ultimatum (till Thursday) to vacate totally from the community while the Klaafontein community, Extension 5 in J'burg has made it a mandatory to all landlords in the community not to renew any Nigerian house rent again.

They said, Nigerians living in the country are the source of vices. They believed that Nigerians in the country are responsible for social vices like illicit drug transactions, prostitution and other felonious act.

The president added that recently, an Ugandan man raped a girl in Kwazulu, Natal Province but was later revealed to be a Nigerian. He said to the News Agency of Nigeria that the Union has been having meeting with the affected south African communities and with law enforcers and other agencies.

Read full report below:

    “The Nigeria union held series of meetings with the affected communities as well as police and local authorities on the recent threats to Nigerians. We have also written reports on these incidents and sent to the Nigerian Mission and the South African police. We recommended interventions before the June 16 deadline to the mission and we are waiting for their response. The union is worried that any incident involving non-South Africans are attributed to Nigerians. The union believes that the Early Warning Unit set up by Nigerian and South African governments has not been effective. We are yet to have any meeting since the ministers of the two countries met. Since then, there have been sustained media propaganda against our people."

RECALL: Some months ago, Nigerians were faced with the same threat to quit the South African communities with the theme "Xenophobia". The news went viral on the internet but was later calmed.
The threat has now been resurrected and this time, it seems they really mean business as they are tired of accommodating more felonious act of our countrymen.

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Friday, 16 June 2017

In Canada: A Ghanaian Man, Andrew Gyimah Was Arrested For Allegedly Defrauding Two Clients With Rice Packages Instead of iPhone 6

Ghanaian Man Arrested For Allegedly Defrauding People By Selling Packaged Rice To Them Instead of iPhone

Alot of felonious cases has been reported from Ghana since a couple of months ago. Not too long when Captain Maxwell Mahama was mistook as armed robber which he was later lynched and burnt to death followed a week after when an handsome police officer of Rapid Response Unit at Tema was gun down by a suspected killer known as Dogo America.

And here, we are having the report of a Ghanaian-Canadian man who allegedly sells Rice Package to two clients instead of an iPhone.
According to City News, The suspect name is Andrew Gyimah who was arrested by police in Toronto, Canada after he had been reported to the police agency.

Canadian Authorities reports that Andrew Gyimah with one of his prey on Islington avenue after seeing the Online Advertisements published by Andrew.
On negotiations, Andrew gave a box which he said to have contained the iPhone 6 package to his victim but, when the victim opened the box, all he could found Is grains of rice.

Previously, The report of his scam has been reported to The police by another person who was also a victim of the rice package instead of an iPhone 6 package.

Andrew Gyimah is now facing two counts of Fraud under $5,000, two counts of false pretence under $5,000, and two counts of breaching a court order.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ghana UPDATE: Dogo America, The Suspect Who Killed Ghanaian Policeman, Constable Micheal Kpyori Was Also Killed By Ghanaian Police Officers After Intelligence Operation

Police Killed The Suspect Known as 'Dogo America' Who Gun Down A Ghanaian Police Constable, Micheal Kpyori of Rapid Response Unit in TEMA

Can you still remember a a police officer, Constable Micheal Kpyori Who was killed by two gunmen in Ghana?

On Tuesday, GbolaMedia Exclusive posted about the handsome Ghanaian police constable whose his name as reported to be "Micheal Kpyori" who is serving at the Rapid Response Unit in Tema was gun down by two unknown men on bike.

READ: How & Where Constable Micheal Kpyori Was Killed By Two Gunmen In Ghana

Goodnews! The Ghanaian police officers has revealed that they have also killed the suspected gunman who gun down one of their comrade, Constable Micheal Kpyori last Monday when he was on patrol duty at Micheal camp in Greater Accra Region.

The police were able to get the suspect when they acted on intelligence and fortunately for them, they find out the suspect hideout at Talaku in Ghana.

According to Accra-based Citi FM, when the police arrived at the suspect hideout in Talaku at around 3:00pm on Tuesday, the suspect on seeing them shot one of the police officers while the police officers swiftly responded by firing back at him while the suspect finally gave up to ghost.

The suspect is popularly known as "Dogo America". He had been on Ghanaian police "most wanted list" for some times. After killing the Dogo America, the police officers also arrested five other suspects including Dogo America's wife and two AK47 guns and some ammunitions was also recovered.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

In Ghana: A Police Officer, Constable Michael Kpyori Was Killed By Unknown Gunmen

In Ghana, A Police officer, Constable Micheal Kporyi Shot To Death Again By Unknown Gunmen

It has happened again in Ghana. The issue of Captain Maxwell Mahama who was mistook as armed robber which led to his lynching and cremating is not yet cleared as military agencies are still gathering suspects.

On Monday June 12, An handsome police officer known as Constable Micheal Kpyori who is serving at the Rapid Response Unit at Tema, Ghana has been shot to death by two unknown gunmen who according to reports were on Motor-bike at the UBA filling station near Micheal camp road.

After the gruesome killing, the news of his death spreads do quickly just like that of Captain Maxwell Mahama.
The information patrol team which is led by Sergeant Ebenezer Anning of RDF on board driven by Const. Nana Wiredu moved to the scene where Michael Kpyori was gun down. According to what the police information team said, Michael Kpyori was detailed for "Motor Bike Patrol" duty in his detachment area.


An Eye-witness who was at the scene said Constable Micheal Kypori was on Police uniform and seen riding a motor bike with Reg. Number "GP4350" and he was with "AK47" rifle put across his chest. He was followed by two armed men also on a motor bike. Suddenly, the gunmen shot at the deceased repeatedly before
speeding off. He fell on to the nearby gutter.

After inspection on the deceased body, multiple wounds of bullets were seen on his chest and eyebrow.
Items found in him were One AK47 rifle, one pepper spray, a pair of handcuffs and a torch light.

His dead body has been taken to the Police hospital mortuary for autopsy. Full scale investigation into the incident followed immediately.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Jail Break in DR Congo: 11 Killed, 900 Escaped At Jail Attack By Unknown Assailants In Kangwayi Prison

Prison Break in DR Congo: 900 Prisoners Escaped, 11 Were Killed After Kangwayi Prison Was Attacked By Unknown Assailants

So sad on Sunday in Democratic Republic of Congo where eleven (11) inmates lose their live untimely after they were killed when an unknown group of gunmen suddenly attack a jail. During the jail attack in DR Congo's restive east, almost Nine hundred (900) inmates escaped successfully from the prison yard.

Julien Paluku who is the governor of North Kuvi province said to the reporters that the prison was attacked by assailants who their identity is not revealed at 3:30pm. He said:

    "The Kangwayi prison in Beni was attacked at3:30 pm(1330 GMT) by assailants whose identity is not yet known."


He continued that when the unknown gunmen and the prison's security officers were in bullet and riffles' feud, eleven people were confirmed dead:

    "In the exchange of fire between security forces and the attackers, authorities have (counted) 11 dead including eight members of the security forces."

He added:

    "For the moment, out of 966 prisoners, there are only 30 left in the prison."

Paluku also said that the area where the prison is sited, Beni and the neighboring town if Butembo were currently under curfew from 6:30pm. He said:

    "Only police officers and soldiers should be out from this time."

After the cruel shedding of eleven innocent bloods, the government of DR Congo has blamed the Allied Democratic Forces, ADF, on a rebel which appeared to be dominated by Ugandan Muslims.

It's so coincidental, the ADF have attacked a police station and a prosecutor's office in Kinshasa while they killed a police officer and seriously injured four officers following series of attack in the last three weeks.

The assailants attack also follows the two recent jail break in DR Congo last month. More than a dozen of prisoners also escaped from dilapidated prison in Kasangulu which is also located in Kinshasa.

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Monday, 12 June 2017

President Donald Trump facing Two Lawsuits For Violating US Constitution

Donald Trump To Be Sued After Being Accused of Violating US Constitutions

Donald Trump who has just welcomed his wife, Melania Trump and son, Barron Trump yesterday night at White house is set to face the wrath of two lawsuits today after an accusation that he is violating the constitution of United states.

The two lawsuits will be filed by two Democrats consisting of Attorneys General of Maryland and the District of Columbia that Foreign payments to President Donald Trump's businesses violates the US constitution.

It is recalled that similar lawsuit like this has also been brought against the president in January. The January lawsuit was brought against Donald Trump by Plaintiffs which includes a Non-Profit ethics group.

Democrat Attorney generals have been at the front line of going against Donald Trump's policies since he was inaugurated as the president of US. For example, they have blocked executive orders which forbid travel from some Muslims donated countries. They are also going against the prowess to roll back environmental regulations and insurance subsidies under the Affordable care Act of US constitution.

The lawsuits filed against Donald Trump in January by Ethics non-profit, restaurant group and hotel events booker accused President Donald Trump of violating the constitution's "emoluments" clause which bans him from accepting gifts from foreign governments without official approval from congressional authorities.

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Melania Trump & Her Son, Barron Trump Moved Officially To White House

Melania Trump And Her Son, Barron Trump Moved To White House

President Donald Trump's Wife, Melania Trump and his son, Barron Trump has moved to American Presidential Villa Popularly known as "White House" after five months of his inauguration as the president of US.

Earlier, some American news websites have reported Melania Trump and her son, Barron will be joining Donald Trump in white House.

Yesterday, Sunday, The Donald Trump administration confirmed that Melania and her son has officially arrived to join their wife & father respectively at the White House Sunday night on the Marine One.

According to reports, the duo were accompanied by President Donald Trump's in-laws, Viktor and Amalija Knav, on Marine One from Joint Based Andrews.

Melania Trump expressed her feeling via her twitter page that she is hoping to see how their new home will be. Read her tweet below:-

    “Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home! #Movingday” #PresidentTrump #MelaniaTrump #FirstLadyMelaniaTrump #TheWhiteHouse #FirstFamily.

Today, President Donald Trump will be facing two lawsuits filed by two Democrats Attorney generals for violating US constitution.

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Maame Bono, The Woman Who Mistook Captain Maxwell Mahama As Armed Robber Which Led To His Lynching & Killing Is Now Identified

The Woman Who Mistook Captain Maxwell Mahama As An Armed Which Led To His Lynching and Murdering Has Been Identified

Do you still remember Captain Maxwell Mahama who was mistook as armed robber in Ghana which led to his lynching and murdering? In the first report about Captain Maxwell Mahama's untimely death, GbolaMedia revealed to you that the army was mistook as an armed robber in his detachment area when he asked a "woman" about a route while he was doing his morning jogging.

In returns to Captain Maxwell Mahama's question, the woman without any investigation or vindication called the assemblyman of the town, Denkyira and, the assemblyman called on the youths to lynch the army.

Read full Related Articles Below:-

The woman who raise false alarm about Captain Maxwell Mahama as an armed robber which later ward led to his lynching and murdering at Denkyira has been identified. Her name according to report is "Akosua Takyiwaa" also known as "Maame Bono". Maame Bono is just a snail seller who is also among the women arraigned last Friday as suspects for Major Maxwell Mahama lynching by military agencies.

The arrest and identification of Maame Bono, the snail seller has really drawn to the arrest of many suspects who also partook in the lynching and murdering of Major Maxwell Mahama who was buried in Osu Military Cemetery in Accra, Ghana.

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Changed E-mail Notification on GbolaMedia's Blog

Change of Email Address On GbolaMedia's BLOG

Hello GbolaMediators,

Am here in this post to announce to that the official e-mail address of this very blog has been changed from "" to "" due to some vital issues pertaining to the success of this blog and as a way to increase fast access to contact the administrator of this blog.

As this blog amiable reader(s), am very sorry if this may have cause you a confusion. Am just trying to make something better and, I believe you are also praying for the betterment of this blog.

Apart from the changing of email address, nothing has changed in this blog. In case of any change(s), I will also notify you.

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Friday, 9 June 2017

Captain Maxwell Mahama Final Burial Attended By Ghanaian Dignitaries

FInal Burial of Captain Maxwell Mahama - Attended by Ghanaian Dignitaries & Vice President of Ghana

After the lynching and murdering of Captain Maxwell Mahama who was mistook as an armed robber in his detachment area while jogging, the President of Ghana, Akufo-Addo has promoted him from the post of "Captain" to "Major" but, did that says he will rise up again? Probably not.

Today is the final and official burial of the Ghanaian army which was attended by Ghanaian dignitaries which includes the current vice president of Ghana, Mahamadu Bawumia, former president of Ghana, John Mahama, members of parliaments, the law agencies, the military agencies and other state officials.

Captain Maxwell Mahama was given full military honor and hundreds of mourners were there to witness funeral. He was buried at Military cemetery at Osu.
May his Soul rest in Peace. (Amen)

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Maxwell Mahama Promoted From 'Captain' To 'Major' By Ghanaian President, Akufo-Addo After He Was Lynched & Murdered

Maxwell Mahama Promoted From 'Captain' To 'Major' By Ghanaian President, Akufo-Addo After He Was Lynched & Murdered

The Ghanaian President, Akufo-Addo who is also the Commander-in-chief of Ghana Armed Forces has announced on Monday the Posthumous promotion of Captain Maxwell Mahama from the military rank of 'captain' to 'major' after the so-called Captain Maxwell Mahama has been lynched and murdered by members of Diaso community who mistaken him to an Armed Robber.

READ: Trouble In Denkyira As Military Agencies Arrested 34 Suspected Fellow Who Participated In Lynching and Killing of Maxwell Mahama

The posthumous promotion of Captain Maxwell Mahama was announced by the president himself when during his visit to the one-week observation of Mahama's death Last Monday.

Earlier today, the military agencies in Ghana has remanded 34 suspects including two nursing mothers and other four women.

President Akufo-Addo promised to grant Mahama's demands for a decorated monument to be erected in honour of their son, Captain Maxwell Mahama. The decorated monument will be a good sign of preventing such catastrophic event from reoccurring and as a sign of remembrance of their son who was Lynched and murdered by angry mobs who mistook him as an armed robber.

President Akufo-Addo also announced an establishment worth GHc 500,000 cash fund to take care of Mahama's children school fees. Before Maxwell Mahama's death, he has two children and a wife.

Maxwell Mahama will be buried on Friday 9th of June, 2017. May he rest in peace (Amen).

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Donald Trump: I Plan To Nominate Christopher A. Wray As New FBI Director

Donald Trump: I Plans To Nominate Christopher A. Wray As New FBI Director

On Twitter, President Donald Trump has recently announced that he plan to nominate Christopher A. Wray as the new FBI director after he sacked James Comey.
Christopher Wray is the former assistant attorney general In charge of the Justice Department's criminal division.

President Donald Trump made the quick announcement on his twitter handle a day before the sacked FBI Director, James Comey arts to testify before the senate.

According to Donald Trump's tweet, he referred Christopher A. Wray as a "Man of Impeccable Credentials". Read tweet below, or you may clearly check the pic above.

    "I will be nominating Christopher A. Wray, a man of impeccable credentials, to be the new Director of the FBI. Details to follow."

Rightly before now, Christopher A. Wray has bossed the Justice Department's Criminal division from 2003 to 2005 under the administration of President George Washington Bush and currently, he is currently a litigation partner at DC-based law and firm, King & Spalding, where he is the chairman of firm's Special Matters and Government Investigations Practice Group.

According to reports, Christopher Wray has also represented New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie during the Bridegate investigation into lane closures at George Washington bridge.

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A 43-years-old Kenya & HIV-Positive Man Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Defiling 11-years-old Girl In Nairobi

Antony Saiso, A 43-years-old Kenya Man With HIV Positive Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Raping An 11-years-old Girl

In Kenya, a 43 years old man who is an HIV-Positive victim has been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping an 11 years old girl after long trial.

The 43 years old rapist known as Anthony Saiso has recently shown up before the Milimani Law court in Nairobi where the magistrate sentenced him to serve till he died in prison for the charge of defilation at Kabiko Estate in Ngong , kajiado county on 25th of June, 2016.

When the rapist was in the court to receive both judgement and punishment, he said crazily to the magistrate, Hellen Onkwani to bring the so-called defiled girl out and test her for HIV maybe she is also affected with the virus just like him. He brought this up to face his face of the charges laid before him but to no avail.

He said:

    “I urge this court to order that the complainant is examined to establish her status because I am HIV positive so that she can be put on antiretrovirals before it is too late."

The Magistrate, ms Hellen Onkwani ordered that Saiso will need to be isolated from the community since he has proved himself to be "dangerous", the magistrate continued that girls and women need to be secured from dangerous and felonious people like saiso who allegedly attacked and raped the 11-years-old girl on her way home from where she went to fetch water.

The magistrate said adults should take good care and protect the teenagers and kids from Soiso-alike who are always hungry to destroy anybody's life without any hesitation or consideration. Ms Onkwani also warned the 11-years-old girl who was raped not to expose or say anything pertaining to her misfortune to anybody.

Saiso will be put under severe punishment as first offender under serious custodial sentence. The raped girl has been examined and result shows the severe injuries inflicted on her by Saiso.

Ms Hellen Onkwani said;

    “The offense you committed is serious and you need a stiff penalty for others who share habits like you to learn a lesson. Courts have a duty to protect those who vulnerable in the society."

Antony Saiso has 14 days to appeal
against the sentence.

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Lynched & Murdered Captain Maxwell Mahama: 34 Suspects Including 6 Women Were Remanded

Murdered Captain Maxwell Mahama: 34 Suspects Including 6 Women Remanded

The total number of 34 suspects including 6 women and 28 men were arrested in Diaso community in Ghana over the lynching and killing of a Ghanaian army detachment captain, Maxwell Mahama who was mistaken as an armed robber by the people of the community when the army on his morning jogging exercise stop to ask a woman for a route, then, the woman called other community members mostly the youths and Maxwell Mahama who was without uniform was lynched and lastly killed.

The remanded 6 women which includes 2 nursing mothers were charged with conspiracy to commit murder at Accra Central District Court 3.

George Ameke, the state prosecutor presented the main fact of the felonious case and pleaded the court to remand the 34 suspects of Captain Maxwell Mahama lynching and murder, untill the June 21, 2017.

The prosecutor said the adjournment will enable the law agencies to continue their thorough investigations to reveal all the suspects in the lynching and murder.

Last week, 7 suspects were arrested including an Assemblyman who raised the ovation to the community youths just to lynch and deal with Captain Maxwell Mahama but the lynching unfortunately resulted to murdering.

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