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Hi valuable client(s),

My name is Stephen Oluwatomisin Gbolagade. I have been working on the internet for couple of years ago (about 5years till date).

Although, I started writing as "Passion", I never thought of making a dime then not untill I got to know about "blogging" two years ago.

I launched this blog on September 30, 2017 but fully into content publishing on March 2017 due to some personal issues.

I started as "Content Editor" and, that is just because I run entertainment blog where there are big competitors and those who were very keen to get any latest information or gossips about what is happening in the world.

My top vendors were BellaNaija, LindaIkejisBlog and some big entertainment websites. When I got articles from these websites, I don't just publish them immediately but takes some hours to re-edit the contents to avoid "Copy-Pasting" and "Plagiarism".

That is just brief introduction about how I start writing "From Passion to Profits".


Why You Must Hire Me For Your Content Writing

I Wrote These Sponsored Contents;

Sponsored Content That I Wrote To Promote Betloaded - One of the big Football and betting Website in Nigeria.

On MasterGBlog

To Promote A Very Important Event - A comedy Show "Fire of Lafta" by #Obarotiblaze

Apart from the contents I used to publish on this very blog, I have contributed to some big blog outside there, where I have written a very original and well informative contents.

Also, I am the writer of these articles which has gained thousands of views;

• On JayScienceTech Blog ==> How To Make Money As Musician In Nigeria: This is a well detailed article about how upcoming artists can make money with their chosen career.

In the article, I listed from nooks to crannies about what must/should be done as an upcoming artist(s). WHY CAN'T YOU CHECK IT OUT (click here)

• Also On JayScienceTech Blog ==> Top 10 High Rated Musicians In Nigeria: We are in the country (Nigeria) where all young lads want to sing or has already been in the music industry.

But, here in this article, I listed very top 10 Nigeria hip-hop artists who have played and they are still playing a very vital role in the Entertainment industry. WHY CAN'T YOU CHECK IT OUT (click here)

• On JayScienceTech Also ==> Top 10 Online Sites To Download Music In Nigeria: Nigeria is a country where where at least a single person open an entertainment / music blog everyday.

But here, I listed top 10 Music Websites in Nigeria where you can download latest music of your choice. WHY CAN'T YOU CHECK IT OUT (click here)

• On MasterGBlog ==> How To Place AdSense Between Blogspot Contents Without Editing The Template: To bloggers, AdSense is not a super story to us. But some bloggers outside there are not tech savvy, they find it very difficult to place AdSense ads between their contents in order to maximize more clicks which will in turns leads to more revenue.

In the article, I carefully explained how to make this possible without touching the template's XML. And also it will be very helpful to those who blogs from mobile phone. It's a very easy and working tutorial. WHY CAN'T YOU CHECK IT OUT (click here).

Those are some of my works, I hope you may have been very convinced that I can handle your job professionally.

Don't let us talk too much on this page. Why can't you send me an invitation or message to start changing, promoting and handle your job professionally.

If you are interested, Send a Mail to ==> GbolaMediaBlog@Gmail.com.

Or Click Here For Full Details on How To Contact Me
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