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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Forbes: Top 100 Most Paid Celebrities In The World, Net worth, Country, And Career

Forbes 2017: Top 100 Most Paid Celebrities In The World - P. Diddy Top

You have been reading the list of the top 100 most paid celebrities in the world right from the previous page and I can see how eager you are to check out the rest of the list. Yea, it's here.

Click here to read the previous existing list from Top 1 - 50

On this last 50 most paid celebrities in the world, we can find Celine Dion and Jay Z top #56 and #57 respectively with $42 million, Bruno Mars top #60, Neymar top #72, Katy Perry top #96 and Zlatan Ibrahimovic top #100.

Top 100 & Last 50 Most Paid Celebrities in The World

51. Phil Mickelson, $43.5 million (Athlete, U.S.)
52. Tom Cruise, $43 million (Actor, U.S.)
53. Kenny Chesney, $42.5 million (Musician, U.S.)
54. Steve Harvey, $42.5 million
(Personality, U.S.)
55. Luke Bryan, $42 million (Musician, U.S.)
56. Celine Dion, $42 million (Musician, Canada)
57. Jay Z, $42 million (Musician, U.S.)
58. Sofia Vergara, $41 million (Actor, Colombia)
59. Kylie Jenner, $41 million (Personality, U.S.)
60. Bruno Mars, $39 million (Musician, U.S.)
61. Tiësto, $39 million (Musician, Netherlands)
62. Russell Westbrook, $38.6 million (Athlete, U.S.)
63. Sebastian Vettel, $38.5 million (Athlete, Germany)
64. Damian Lillard, $38.4 million (Athlete, U.S.)
65. Shah Rukh Khan, $38 million (Actor, India)
66. Jennifer Lopez, $38 million (Musician, U.S.)
67. The Chainsmokers, $38 million (Musician, U.S.)
68. Novak Djokovic, $37.6 million (Athlete, Serbia)
69. Amy Schumer, $37.5 million (Comedian, U.S.)
70. Tiger Woods, $37.1 million (Athlete, U.S.)
71. Salman Khan, $37 million (Actor, India)
72. Neymar, $37 million (Athlete, Brazil)
73. Bill O’Reilly, $37 million (Personality, U.S.)
74. Dolly Parton, $37 million (Musician, U.S.)
75. Ed Sheeran, $37 million (Musician, U.K.)
76. Dwayne Wade, $36.2 million (Athlete,
77. Fernando Alonso, $36 million (Athlete, Spain)
78. Sean Hannity, $36 million (Personality, U.S.)
79. Rihanna, $36 million (Musician, Barbados)
80. Bon Jovi, $35.5 million (Musician, U.S.)
81. Akshay Kumar, $35.5 million (Actor, India)

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82. Billy Joel, $35 million (Musician, U.S.)
83. Dr. Dre, $34.5 million (Musician, U.S.)
84. Florida Georgia Line, $34.5 million (Musician, U.S.)
85.Toby Keith, $34.5 million (Musician, U.S.)
86. Jordan Spieth, $34.5 million (Athlete, U.S.)
87. Derrick Rose, $34.2 million (Athlete, U.S.)
88. Usain Bolt, $34.2 million (Athlete, Jamaica)
89. Gareth Bale, $34 million (Athlete, U.K.)
90. Conor McGregor, $34 million (Athlete, Ireland)
91. Britney Spears, $34 million (Musician, U.S.)
92. Kei Nishikori, $33.9 million (Athlete, Japan)
93. Fletcher Cox, $33.4 million (Athlete, U.S.)
94. Clayton Kershaw, $33.4 million (Athlete, U.S.)
95. Chance The Rapper, $33 million (Musician, U.S.)
96. Katy Perry, $33 million (Musician, U.S.)
97. Carmelo Anthony, $32.6 million (Athlete, U.S.)
98. Jason Aldean, $32.5 million (Musician, U.S.)
99. Kevin Hart, $32.5 million (Comedian, U.S.)
100. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, $32 million (Athlete, Sweden).

From the start, did you notice what am noticing? The likes of Lil Wayne, 50 cents, Nicki Minaj and other were not found? What is your view? Use the comment box below.

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